Synthesizing the Polarities

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Learning from Death

The grief is fresh. It washes over me in waves. I’ve already tried to distract myself, but can’t — and shouldn’t. The cycles of grief are cyclical, and move between sheer pain and a nostalgic laughter. When it’s fresh, it happens faster and swings higher.

I feel completely silent. Almost unable to speak. There is so much in my mind. There is so much I have experienced. A year has passed where nothing has happened (all while so much happened — what gives?). A day has passed that contained years.

Eight Billion Experiments

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Re-redefining Fundamentalism

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Rooting Out Christian Nationalism

A picture from one of my darkest times

A Lament for Labor, Trapped in a Web

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Modern Work

We worry about our health, so we thank our employer for our healthcare plan. Yet, we worry less about dying than we do about getting truly sick and needing to actually deal with using that healthcare. In all this, we lack the time to think about the issue truly at hand — our own mortality. What does it all mean? What is life? What is death? Aren’t we told by those on their deathbeds that their only regret is not spending more time with those they love? Do we love our coworker that much? Surely our life means more than…

Get real with a mental health professional.

Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash. My startup is for chickens, so pictures are relevant, I swear!

Too Many Problems, Too Many Feelings

I am a failure as a founder. No — I’ve gone to therapy. I know how to phrase this…I feel like a failure as a founder.

Michael Anfang

synthesizing buckminster fuller and alan watts

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