The Resurrection of Christianity in America

Rooting Out Christian Nationalism

Few people reject the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s just those Christians acting like the worst people that muck it all, right? That’s just what we call human nature, and it turns out, you don’t need to be a Christian to be that way.

Christianity was dying. I thought it was dead. After leaving Christianity, I learned the value of death and destruction — it’s always what brings forth healing and new life.

The process is intertwined and interdependent, fundamentally connected — the healing and new life could not be catalyzed without the suffering. Without the suffering, there would not even be a need to heal. Perhaps this is the secret for why a sacrifice is needed — but can substituting something else truly catalyze your own healing? This is something of the mystery I currently grapple with.

This is a core tenet of Christianity. Jesus died (in a manner filled with suffering), and then, after the requisite time passed, rose again. Not only did he rise — his resurrection brought about the healing all of mankind. From death and destruction, painful and raw, came resurrection and salvation.

Here we are, in 2020. For whatever reason — the perfect storm of events? A Trump presidency, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, (so many more things — decades happened in these past few months, or maybe years)… and then that picture of Trump holding up a Bible after gassing peaceful protesters on the steps of a church.

Christians are looking at themselves and each other as never before. I am amazed. In awe. The conversations happening about culture, race, religion — and the conversations about the role of the religious right in politics. The call to accountability is real. It’s no joke. It’s time. You’ve been a member of the corrupt system — that doesn’t mean you are corrupt — and so many are waking up to the depth of the infection.

You’re doing it. I almost can’t believe you are doing it. You’ve found the infection. I knew something was wrong long ago, but couldn’t really figure it out. I didn’t have a name for it. You found the name. Christian Nationalism is festering within yourself, and you’re doing your damnedest to rid yourself of the infection.

To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear — you’ve heard it. You’re calling out Christianity as Jesus did. Flipping over those tables in the Temple. Be brave. You may seem alone, but you are not. The institution is broken, and it must die so it can be reborn — but reborn it will be. I see it now, for the first time. I am foolish for only seeing it now for the first time.

I know it’s painful. I hear you. I support you.

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